Gun Dog Training

When we are fair, consistent and confident in our training, every retriever can reach full potential. Whether you own a duck dog, a pointing lab or a flushing retriever, we can customize training to suit your dog.

No matter what kind of hunting or competition you do with your dog, your canine hunting partner should be eager to hunt while remaining calm and waiting for direction from you.

The only truly successful way to train a great gun dog is to train the handler. Whether you are regularly coming out for drills and training with your dog and doing your own homework with the dog--or you have chosen to have us keep the dog for training, it is important for you to stay involved and engaged in training your dog. If your dog stays with us, we encourage you to come out as often as possible to work with your dog's new skills. Before your dog goes home you will be shown the commands and training behind them so that you can continue on with success.

Your dog will learn to mark, retrieve, deliver to hand, quarter, stay in range, use their nose to search in heavy cover, take straight lines to fallen birds and bust through obstacles whether on land or water. Your dog will learn to do multiple retrieves from memory and have multiple water entries on the way to the fall. Your dog will be taught how to take directional casts to an unknown target, such as a bird shot by another hunter without a dog. Your dog will be trained not only with training bumpers, but a variety of live or dead ducks, pigeons, pheasant and chuckar.

We encourage all of our clients to participate in local hunt tests and picnic trials. The best way to become an awesome dog/handler team is to practice and then test under pressure.