May 122016
How To Introduce New Dog To Your Cat

Introducing a dog to a cat–even if the dog has not been socialized with cats–is doable.  The good news is that the process is simple if instructions are followed carefully.  The bad news is that simple processes are not always easy to follow.  A new process will take some time to get used to. There […]

Mar 112016
JT Clough W Fast Pup: Raising Awesome Puppies Or Kittens

Click on the link below to access the Blab broadcast on Raising Awesome Puppies Or Kittens

Feb 192016

Teaching your dog to jump in the back of your car or truck is very simple.  Start with teaching the place command on something closer to the ground, such as a dog bed or rug.  Then teach with something like a cot or short retaining wall.  Then add something a little taller, like a weighted, […]

Dec 292015
Christmas Pup--Train For Success

    If you brought a puppy into your life over the holidays, congratulations on your new family member! You may have noticed that out in cyberspace, there are a bunch of people wringing their hands over the idea of getting a “puppy for Christmas.” This is simply because every year a lot of puppies […]

Dec 282015
Stop Household Dog Aggression

  Dog Problems Take Time To Develop Dog on dog aggression usually does not “just happen” overnight. More often it develops slowly over time with tell-tale signs being missed by busy owners. It can be baffling to pet parents who can not understand how dogs can be happy to snuggle and sleep together, yet get […]

Oct 132015
Is My Retriever Pup Ready To Go Hunting?

If your dog is properly introduced to birds, retrieving and gunfire, an upland hunt can be a wonderful learning opportunity. (See this blog post about properly introducing dogs to guns) Set everything up for success. Stay completely away from other hunters and hunting parties. (You don’t want to have your young dog take off to […]

Jun 102015

It is easy to understand why so many people fear training their dogs with an electronic collar.  The unfortunate use of the word “shock collar” is completely misleading.  Remote training collars use the same technology that is used in many therapeutic devices and therapies that we humans use on ourselves for healing and treatment of […]

Jun 092015
Helping A Gun Shy Bird Dog

Shaping a pup into a confident dog around guns is not difficult at all, if you carefully follow a few recommendations.  However, it is very easy to create a gun shy dog if you don’t have a plan to follow. Dogs are watching other dogs work birds and hearing gunfire from a distance.  They are […]

May 172015
Seven Steps To House Train A Dog

House training (potty training) is very simple, although not necessarily easy.  If you follow the steps outlined here, you will have your puppy or rescue dog housebroken in short order. Number One:  Use a crate!  Dogs naturally den in the wild, seeking out small, tight spaces for safety when having pups or a needing comfortable […]