Jul 032015

We got to Kate’s seminar at the Sportsman’s Warehouse and Kate saw me struggling with Puka. Kate took Puka and started working with her. That was all I needed to see. We signed up right there and started training the next week. Puka and I got our equipment and went to our first class. This might sound crazy but OUR LIFE CHANGED! Puka and I picked up on the training immediately. I couldn’t wait to show everybody, how good, the wild and crazy Puka was obeying and listenig to me. It was 180 Degrees! She is by my side and does whatever she is told. These days Puka goes everywhere with me. From to the park to the grocery store to the mall to the lake. It doesn’t matter because she is so well behaved.

There is nothing better then when your dog obey’s and listens to you in any public situation. Everywhere, I mean eveywhere I go people tell me “I wish my dog would do that”, “Wow ! your dog is so good”, “My dog could never do that”. That is what I thought until I started Fast Pup Dog Training! I cannot thank Kate and Fast Pup Dog Training enough for really CHANGING MY LIFE and making my wish come true!!! MY DOG OBEY’S ME! The Fast Pup Dog Training is the BEST PURCHASE I’ve made for my dog and myself ever! If you are tired of being embarassed because your dog pulls you down the street or you can’t control your dog around other dogs and people in public. This training is the way to go. If I can train my dog being in a wheelchair, it can work for anybody and every dog! Thanks Kate

— Scott and Puka